Fox Chase IV Phase I Condominium Associaton
Tinton Falls, New Jersey 


Window Screens

After a recent site inspection of Fox Chase IV – Phase I, this management office has found it necessary to address several issues in regards to maintenance by unit owners.

This office would like to remind unit owners that the privacy fences installed between patios were originally installed by owners - not by the developers or by the condominium association. Maintenance must be done regularly by each unit owner.

During the previously mentioned site inspection, management also took note of a number of unit owners’ window screens and their current state of dishevelment.  Many unit owners’ screens appear to be tattered and/or ripped and require replacement.

Pursuant to Article IV of the Master Deed, unit owners are required to maintain their windows including screens.

The next site inspection by management will take place within the next four (4) weeks.

Please make any necessary maintenance to privacy fences and/or window screens to circumvent a notice of violation. Thank you.

Spring Mulch 2019

Weather permitting; CRA Site, Lawn & Land Maintenance is scheduled to be at Fox Chase IV Saturday, May 11, 2019 for application mulch.  In case of serious inclement weather, the mulch project will be moved to the week of May 13, 2019

Dryer Vent Cleaning:  Due May 15, 2019

Per the Association’s adopted resolution regarding inspection and clleaning of dryer vents, all dryer vents will need to be cleaned on or before May 15, 2019. Following this mandatory cleaning, residents are then required to forward a copy of the contractor’s receipt to the association office showing evidence of this cleaning. Because of the serious nature of safety issues that can arise as a result of failure to regularly clean and care for dryer vents, the association will be forced to fine any residents who fail to have the cleaning done and/or who fail to provide proof of the cleaning to the association office.

For you convenience, the following contractors are suggested to call for the cleaning of the dryer vent:

  • Carlin Chimney & Duct Service: 732-818-7720
  • Duct Cleaning: 732-292-0300
  • Absolutely Spotless: 732-431-9099
  • Fresh Step Cleaning Services: 732-785-9753

While the Association will not mandate the company you must use, please be mindful that this expense is one paid for by the individual homeowner and, as such, you must chose a vendor qualified, licensed, and certified in the area of the dryer vent cleaning. Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this important safety program.

Click here for:

Dryer Vent Certification Form
Resolution Regarding Inspection & Cleaning of Dryer Vents

Trash, Recycling & Bulk Items

Management has been informed by the Borough of Tinton Falls that the amount of plastic bags placed into residential recycling bins has contaminated the “single stream” recycling process.

Effective immediately:  A zero tolerance policy for contaminated single stream recycle items. NO PLASTIC BAG OF ANY KIND MAY BE PLACED IN THE RECYCLING CONTAINERS.  Single stream recycling is to consist of ONLY cardboard, newspapers, bottles, cans and plastics – none of which can be contaminated with food waste (pizza boxes remain non-recyclable!).  Most importantly, the single stream recycling is to be loose – NO PLASTIC BAGS OR PAPER BAGS AT ALL.

If just one plastic bag is placed in the recycling can, ALL recycling will NOT be picked up with the possibility of a Municipal fine issued.

Please click on the links below as a guideline of recycling. 


Automated Can Repair

In the event your garbage or recycling can is damaged, the Borough of Tinton Falls will replace or repair you can as deemed necessary at no cost. Call the Tinton Falls Department of Public Works at 732-542-3400 X4 if you have a problem with your can and they will schedule an appointment for repair or replacement.

Bulk Items

Large items which will not fit into your automated container must be scheduled for collection. Bulk items will not be collected unless an appointment for pick up has been made in advance. Items cannot be placed at the curb until dusk the night proceeding your scheduled collection date, but must be at the curb by 7:00AM on the day of the scheduled pickup. Construction debris, wood, windows or doors will not be collected and cannot be placed at the curb with your bulk or in your automated refuse container. Contractors are responsible for removal and disposal of their debris. To schedule a bulk item or metal pick-up Call the Tinton Falls Department of Public Works at 732-542-3400 X4.

Fox Chase Recycling & Bulk Item Drop-Off Center

Fox Chase has a Recycling and Drop-Off Center located on Fox Chase Drive. The Drop-Off is available to residents only. Proof of residency is required.  Dumping is prohibited when the Drop-Off center is closed and unattended.  


J&S Pave Rite Paving recently completed installation of various new driveways deemed most in need of replacement and received priority in the order of installation from the Association. 

All owners are responsible to maintain the driveways in good condition.  As per the Rules and Regulations of the By-Laws of the Association, the assembly or disassembly of motor vehicles, changing of fluids such as oil, transmission fluid, or radiator fluid is prohibited.

All unit owners, their guests, or tenants causing destruction or damage to a driveway by a violation of the rules or through negligence will be fully responsible for the replacement or repair of that driveway. Your anticipated cooperation in preserving the property is anticipated and appreciated by your Association.

Water & Sewer Pipes

Surf Site Management recently received an inquiry from a homeowner who was considering purchasing the type of insurance that covers exterior water and sewer lines serving thier unit. The owner wanted to be certain that the water and sewer pipes running from thier unit to the main conduit at the street were thier responsibility. 

A review of the Master Deed indicates that both public and private installations designed for the service of a particular unit are considered part of the unit. If a unit owner desires to purchase the type of insurance available through a company or private provider to help defray costs of replacing pipes, wires, conduits, meters or other installations serving only one unit,  it is an individual owner’s option and at the owner’s cost.

Snow Removal 

Snow Removal costs over the past five years were reviewed to budget for snow removal in 2016.  In efforts to reduce snow removal costs, the Board and Management also discussed and will alter snow removal procedures as follows:

Sidewalks along Wardell Road, belonging to Fox Chase IV-Phase I, will be cleared within 24 Hours.

Visitor / Overflow parking spaces and the mailbox area will only be cleared after a snowstorm has ended, on the next business day afternoon. Only one pass / clean-up effort will be made by the contractor. The contractor will not return because vehicles were not moved. 


Snow storm that stops on a Tuesday – Visitor and mailbox area will be cleared Wednesday afternoon.

Snow Storm that stops on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday – Visitor Parking and mailbox area will be cleared Monday afternoon.

Tinton Falls provides snow removal on the roadway.  Inquires as to the status of snow removal of the street should be directed to Tinton Falls.

All Owners are responsible to clear their own driveways and sidewalks.

Updates regarding the Association’s hired contractor will be provided via reverse 311 telephone calls and posted on the Association’s website at


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