Fox Chase IV Phase I Condominium Associaton
Tinton Falls, New Jersey 



According to the calendar, it is officially the spring of 2019.  After months of practicing the human form of hibernation, we are all anxious to return to an outdoor lifestyle as soon as possible.    To help everyone enjoy the property to the fullest extent while ensuring their safety and protecting the community, it is imperative that each owner carefully review and comply with the rules and requirements below:

Property Maintenance

The common elements include the lawn area, rock beds, walkways and parking areas.  The areas in the front and rear of each town home are considered limited common areas reserved exclusively for use by the owner of that home.  It is each owner’s responsibility to maintain those areas by keeping them free of debris and clutter and maintaining any landscaping installed by the resident or prior residents with approval,   Please be reminded that unit owners are not to alter or add anything to  the landscaped areas without prior consent of the Board of Trustees.  Any requests to modify landscaping or place any items, including fences, on common property must be submitted in writing and receive the prior approval of the Board.   Property Modification Request Forms are available on the community website or through the management office. 

No Unit Owner may use the patio or common areas for the storage of items such as bikes, carriages, bulk goods, appliances, trash, or any other items inconsistent with their intended purposes. Similarly, no furniture, packages, bicycles, baby carriages or other equipment may be permitted to remain on walkways or other areas of the common elements.  This includes, but is not limited to, play equipment, decorative items, gardening accessories and holiday décor.  Representatives from Management will be completing property walks to help ensure the exterior property is maintained as required and free of clutter and debris.  Violations and fines may be issued to those failing to comply with the Association rules.

As mentioned above, each patio is defined as a limited common element set aside and reserved exclusively for the adjoining unit.  While the lawn adjacent to the patio is a common element, the Board of Trustees and Management ask all residents to be considerate of others in the community by keeping a distance from others’ patio areas while using the property.  Please supervise children while at play and direct children to remain in the area adjoining your unit.  Please also remind children and their friends that neighbors’ patios are private and for the exclusive use of that unit owner.

Propane Grills

Please be reminded that the governing documents of the Association, as well as Tinton Falls Fire Ordinances and the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code strictly prohibit the use of and storage of LGP (Propane) cooking devices in or on any porch, deck, balcony, fence or any location within 5 feet of any structure or construction.  All grills and propane tanks must be used and stored at least five feet from the building and fences at all times.  Charcoal grills, fire pits, chimineas or any open flame devices are not permitted.

Site inspections will be performed to monitor usage and storage of all outdoor cooking devices. Non-compliance with the above ordinances will result in penalties and fines from the Borough of Tinton Falls and an automatic assessment of a $500.00 fine from the Association will be incurred, as per the governing documents.  Landlords are obligated to inform their tenants of the above regulations. 

Other Property Modifications

Unit owners may not alter the exterior of the building in any way without prior written consent of the Board of Trustees.  This includes, but is not limited to, drilling holes through the siding, running cables, hanging hose reels, installing satellite dishes, placing ornaments or any other items on common property.   

Board approval is also required before replacing windows, sliding doors or any other doors visible from the exterior. Only interior modifications of the unit that involve a structural change, such as removal of a wall or beam, require completion and submission of a Property Modification Form.   More detailed information regarding modifications may be found in the Master Deed and By Laws of the Fox Chase IV – Phase I Condominium Association; Schedule B: Rules and Regulations - Section 15:  Alterations.  Please visit the community website for forms and to access the governing documents and handbook. 


No more than two (2) dogs, cats or other usual household pets may be kept by an Owner in his or her respective unit, provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes and do not endanger the health or unreasonably disturb the owners or occupants of any other Units.  No pet enclosures or pet runs shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain on any portion of the Common Elements.  All dogs are to be curbed and under leash at all times when outside the unit. No pet may be left unattended on any area of the property at any time.   The keeping of pets and their ingress, egress, and travel upon the Common Elements shall be subject to rules and regulations issued by the Association as well as all applicable Borough of Tinton Falls’ Pet Ordinances.


Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, please be reminded of the additional dangers faced as children and other residents increase the time spent outdoors. 

Parents and guardians are required to supervise children at all times. For their own safety, children are not permitted to play in the street and must be under parental watch when they are required to cross or wait near the street. Children should be directed to remain in the area adjoining your unit and to never play in or near a unit driveway or behind any parked vehicles.

Drivers in the area share responsibility for the safety of children and all pedestrians, as well. Despite parents’ best efforts, sometimes children are children!  Please drive at or below the posted speed limit and use every possible caution especially when backing out of your driveway.  Children playing or crossing behind a car are often difficult to see.  Always come to a full stop at the posted signs and take the time to look in all directions before proceeding. 

Living within a planned community affords many benefits, but requires that each of us needs to make an extra effort to be considerate of our neighbors and respect each other’s rights to privacy and peaceful enjoyment of our property.  We ask that each of you make a conscientious effort to help everyone at Fox Chase IV – Phase I fully enjoy their homes and the beautiful outdoor areas. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and efforts. 

Landlords are required to share this information with tenants and all owners should advise any guests of the information as well.

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